With a focus on elemental materials and natural forces, The Copper Collection assembles objects for the home and desk that invite interaction and contemplation. Marrying traditional techniques and modern technologies, each item is handcrafted from materials of exquisite purity and quality. The result is a contemporary collection of items that will only become more beautiful with age.

Humans and copper have worked together for over ten thousand years, and as we have evolved it has revealed more of its secrets: around 7,000 years ago we needed vessels and discovered copper could be smelted and cast; around 5,500 years ago copper was alloyed with tin, and the bronze age was born. The Romans admired copper for the range of exquisite colours created by oxidation, and used it to communicate wealth, power and civilisation. When Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, copper was the material that enabled him to harness its power. Today, copper is the subject of microbiological studies and has been discovered to kill 99.9% of disease causing bacteria within two hours. 

In fact, copper is able to do so much, so well, that we barely even notice it. The Copper Collection is an intentional collection that puts the profound relationship between humans and copper centre-stage. The objects in this collection invite touch and interaction. As you work with each, you will discover that the weight, warmth and smoothness of copper feel right, and you might even remember that this is something you already knew. 

The debut collection includes:

The Inder Pen

Engineered in England from pure copper, The Inder Pen is raw, refined and entirely unique. Slim and elegant, with no clips, logos or unnecessary embellishment, Inder is made from solid copper bar, resulting in a satisfying weight and balance that lends itself to playful ponderings, as well as serious work. Copper responds to touch and evolves with its environment, warming in the hand and developing a rich patina over time. Copper patinas can vary from deep charcoal to dazzling turquoise and each pen’s patina is unique to its user. Inder can be polished to a stunning finish; or allowed to evolve and age. Recognised for centuries for its healing properties, copper kills 99.9% of disease causing bacteria within two hours, making this the ideal pen for those working in sensitive environments. Each pen is supplied with a cartridge of coppery brown ink. Reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci’s sepia toned sketches, this shade is versatile and distinctive. 

Copper Egg and Brass Egg

The Copper Egg and Brass Egg are tactile, geometric objects inspired by nature’s life-giving form. Abundant in nature, the ovoid recalls both the egg and seed. This organic shape has been celebrated since antiquity by cultures all over the world, and endures today as a symbol for regeneration and hope. The egg brings hope and purity. It is a powerful symbol of new life, fertility, rebirth and the circle of life. In some Asian cultures the egg is seen as a symbol of luck and wealth.

Handcrafted from solid copper or brass, the Copper Egg and Brass Egg respond to the touch with weight, warmth and motion. Measuring 65mm by 48mm, the Copper Egg and Brass Egg fit perfectly in your palm as you muse on ideas and challenges, and make an attractive paperweight when you reach a solution.

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