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Inder Fountain pen

Inder Fountain pen


The Copper Fountain  Pen

A beautiful example of the pen maker’s art - its red-orange lustre emits a reassuring glow and feel. This pen is truly exquisite

Hand Made in England, the Copper pen is bored from a solid rod of copper bar and combines durability with sophisticated design, elegance and exquisite workmanship, which will accompany their owner for life.

It is not a heavyweight by any means, not compared to some of today’s giants, but neither is it a lightweight; it is substantial enough to convey a confidence that it is more than up to the task. It does not matter whether the task is a short note or a long letter.

The Bock fountain pen nib (medium) glides smoothly across the paper, ensuring the pen’s perfect balance requires only the minimum of effort to produce the letters and form the words.

The cap screws on and off easily with reassuring ease and a precision that makes the pen appear seamless. Totally uncluttered and unencumbered by a clip or any other adornment, the barrel and cap are sleek and perfectly rounded, the domed ends complimenting the straight lines of both. The cap cannot be “posted”. The pen is balanced to write without this.

The finish is natural, unlacquered and over time will assume a natural patina that develops with time and use.  This property means that each and every pen will become truly unique, but for those who prefer a shiny and pure aesthetic look, the copper pen will clean up beautifully with a gentle abrasive (vinegar or lemon will do the trick)

Naturally antimicrobial, copper kills bacteria, yeasts and viruses on contact and retains this property even after being cleansed itself. Recognized for centuries for its healing properties, copper kills 99.9% of disease causing bacteria within two hours, making this the ideal pen for those working in sensitive environments.

Length 138mm

Diameter 12mm

Weight 65 grams

Supplied with a blue and black standard European cartridges and a premium "standard international" fountain pen converter for use with bottled ink.

Our pen arrives in a sleek presentation box, making it a great idea for a thoughtful gift.

The distinctly warm and luxurious colour tone of copper can add something a bit special to your stationery collection and it has featured heavily in both fashion and home decor trends in the past couple of years. Needless to say, copper is one of the most beautiful and unique metals you can find on everyday items and is as such, perfectly suited to pens.

So, take a little time and think. When was the last time you actually wrote; to a friend, a colleague, an acquaintance, or even a loved one?




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